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cartridge to tonearm database

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25 minutes ago, Vintage Vulture said:

hi, i love the 'engine' sites out there, but anyone know if there is a cart to tonearm matching database? ie effective masses and compliance etc and maybe even tested results on some of the better known arms and carts?

Dont know about "Tested results" but Vinyl Engine should have the data you need.

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I think there are too many variables to create a database exploring every cart/tonearm combination, and results in many cases would be subjective. 


The rule-of-thumb seems to guide many people OK:

- high-compliance cartridges are matched with low-mass tonearms.

- lower-compliance phono cartridges (eg. moving coils) go with higher-mass tonearms.


This guide appears to be reasonably comprehensive: https://www.gcaudio.com/tips-tricks/tonearm-cartridge-compatability/


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