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SOLD: FS: Mytek Brooklyn DAC - Black

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Item: Mytek Brooklyn DAC - Black
Location: Sydney Metro - NSW
Price: $1600
Item Condition: Excellent condition. Perfect working order.
Reason for selling: Upgrading to Brooklyn Bridge.
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal.

Extra Info:
Bought this unit from awave locally in 2016 for $3299. Has performed flawlessly since then in use on a PC desktop setup with active speakers.

Multiple inputs and outputs. Running the latest firmware.

Includes a very good headphone amp and phono stage (MM and MC).

MQA decoding on board.


Sold in original box with all accessories including remote control (unopened).


Would prefer pick-up but can ship at buyer's expense.


Specification can be found here --> https://mytekdigital.com/download_library/brochures/Brooklyn_dac_brochure_sept_2016_A4.pdf











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8 minutes ago, sir sanders zingmore said:

Is the phono stage digitised or purely analog?

Also, does it have other analog inputs ?

Given it doesn't digitize vinyl (i.e. you can't output a digital signal when you are using the analogue input) I would guess that internally it's analog. However to be sure I think one would have to ask Mytek the company about their internal design.


One interesting option it has is that you can have the volume either controlled analogue-y or digitally. I've had it on analogue the whole time but when I tested it brierly I couldn't hear a difference.


It has 1 analogue input, you can choose whether it is "Line", "MC" or "MM"

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