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Little women.

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Oooookay saw this under a little bit of trepidation but I owed the wifey a movie after 1917 ?


I Knew nothing about the book, tho Sharon has just started reading it. . But have to say enjoyed the movie. Good acting  by the 4 leads who apart from RS and EW I've not seen before. nice scenery being filmed around Massachusetts/new York. 


Story was good, it never dragged and it didn't feel like a chick flick......honest 


perhaps the the only confusing bits were the flash backs between past and present , minor point only tho 


 And Chris Cooper plays a nice guy for once. Yay 


also a very good OST. 


A surprise watch for me , very enjoyable 

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9 hours ago, Hydrology said:

Gotta agree. Had no interest in seeing this apart from appeasing the missus, but really enjoyed it!

Agreed I was really surprised. It never dragged or was overly smaltzy or maudlin.  Beautiful scenery and sets 

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Greta Gerwig is graduating from a top notch actress to a top notch director. Have not seen the film Little Women however not surprised at all there's no melodrama/schmaltzy notes. Greta knows her stuff and is firmly my favourite among the "emerging" film talent ("emerging" is in quotes as she's broken through about a decade ago in Greenberg by Noah Baumbach)

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out on blu-ray, so grabbed a copy and watched with the wife :)




its a very interestingly done movie, the opening menu of the movie you'd be fooled to think this is a contemporary take on the old classic ... but starting the movie you soon jump into a period piece... set around times of Civil war and presented with a gorgeously detailed world in setting, costumes and people.  Soon to point of overwhelmed with all the goings on, and there is so much going on, immersed in the lives of the family of 4 girls, in their home, their travels, and encounters with the movie set across Massachusetts, New york and Europe (Paris). The movie jumps around in time back and forth and bits of puzzles of story are thrown at you constantly to put together as narrative in your brain.... to point my poor little brain was struggling at times ! :D but they pulled it off...its actually incredibly well done.... I believe there have been countless adaptations to film of this classic. though this one made as the 150th anniversary of the book. Which itself is staggering to think was written so long ago ! to still have relevance today.


The acting in this movie is tremendous ! Soairse Ronan who I remember from Brooklyn, does an incredible job in the film as lead, as does Timothee Chalemet who is constantly in and out of scenes. Quite a large cast with also Emma Watson (harry potter fame) and Merryl Streep who plays more cameos as aunt. Theres also Florence Pugh who has made quite a few movies and even an aussie in Eliza Scanlen though have not seen her in anything else yet, plus Laura Dern who plays the mother and done many roles over the years.


The movie did it seems win an Academy award for this film for costume and it is well deserved, it brings such richness to the film, as do the incredible efforts in sets and settings to make so real. Its well worth watching the extras on this film, about the original house that was built in 1700 and still exists today and key tothe story behind the making of this film. 


Shot mostly in Massachusetts its amazing the world they recreated, and it is a movie absolutely filmed gorgeously....It is purely sumptuous in just lovely scenes often in Autumn, the houses, the scenery, and even indoors. A decision was made that such an historic film had to be made on film and thank goodness they did ....as it really looks fantastic ! with its super 35 source ... which remarkably was given a 4k digital processing however has only been ever released on Blu-ray. The audio in the film is not really used to any real effect, just in support of the lovely on screen moments .... 


Overall I'd give this movie a 8/10. Picture 9/10 and Audio 7/10 


Overall wife was particularly taken by the film, wanted to read the hard cover version, which I ordered promptly from amazon au...



ps some screen shots from the blu-ray discs, 








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