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11 hours ago, C@mM! said:

I'm a bit of a lurker here over the years, but just dropped into a D90/A90 combo from a Jotunheim Multibit driving Fluid Audio FPX7 Fader Pro's & Beyerdynamic T1 Gen 2's.

I'm finding that the soundstage is much more detailed with some terrific bass extension, but I've lost some warmth. Thats okay, whats not okay is the high amount of sibilance that I seem to be getting. Sheena Ringo's Instinct for example I'm almost wincing at some of the cymbal crashes. I figured I might be able to tame that with the filters, but honestly, I have nfi what I'm doing with those.

Edit: Did some playing and research with filters, Filter 4 seems to reduce but not completely remove it.

The topping house sound is quite linear, and in my system, i have it going through a tubed preamp, which colours the sound quite a bit, but sounds far nicer to me than direct (dac/preamp mode) into my active speakers.  

Imo, the filters are a very personal thing, and also, from my findings, depends on the songs too..  there's no free lunch here im afraid, i thought that filter #4 was the best, and i started to play around (this is where it can be confusing experience) and found that #6 was better suited to my system, esp with live recordings.  Eg: on flamenco style music, the speed of the guitar plucks and tone are far more realistic on filter #6 than #4.  #4 smooths out that attack and tone (rounds out the edges) on my system.  

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