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Ethernet switches for audio - Part A: List of switches, related info & experiences


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On 05/08/2021 at 8:56 PM, MattyW said:


Well,  the Renolabs Ultimate Audio Switch integrates a 25Mhz OCXO clock.  Rather excellent performance  :)

Add me to the list of satisfied Renolabs customers.


I recieved my "ultimate" switch yesterday.  The sandblasted aluminium case has some very minor imperfections, but is otherwise a very solid unit and easy on the eye.  It is also less clutter than the ER with LPSU.


I slotted it in place of my JS2 powered, separately grounded ER to compare AB-ing.  As others have noted, my impression is that the Renolabs unit is a league above the ER.  It's a difference that is clear, but not "night and day".  The ER was always something of a subtle tweak in my system, even with JS2 and grounding. 


In recent times, after the OLADRA upgrade to my CX, my setup has been as follows:

Router -> CX -> ER -> Makua


With the Renolabs outperforming the ER in my system, I have moved the ER further upstream:

Router -> ER -> CX -> Renolabs -> Makua


Not sure if I can hear much difference with the ER in this position, but worth keeping for now, unless someone else wants it? That goes for the JS2 as well.

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We seem to be getting a few Renolabs owners here at this point. I suspect the combination of design choices, build quality and pricing means it’s a noticeably better value offering compared to others at its price point. It was certainly a compelling argument for me. :)

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