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Greetings from Melbourne! (and Singapore)


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Hi all! Just a short introduction.

I'm from Singapore, but currently pursuing my uni degree over in Melbourne.

As you can see from the unearthly time I'm posting, still not all that adjusted to Melbourne's timezone :).

Was originally a headphone guy (still keep a large collection of them. the stuff I own can be found in my head-fi profile under the same name), but finding speakers more and more appealing with it's soundstage, definition...You guys should know right :)

Current setup back home includes Wyred4Sound Pre and Power, Bel Canto DAC, and wonderful wonderful speakers from Mr Mike Lenehan, the ML1s. Hoping to grab his speaker cables when I'm over here.

Now thinking of getting a small setup for a small studio apartment, with a small DAC, integrated amp and small speakers. Would appreciate advice on where to purchase them in Melbourne.

That's about it.

Cheers guys


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Hi Jay, back when I was in uni I had a friend very similar to you. A Singaporean audiophile! He helped me buy my first system, which is very similar to what you are looking for. I suggest you take a look at Carlton Audio Visual, they should have plenty of things to suit your budget. If you are space limited, perhaps you should consider some small active speakers, like the Aktimate or AudioEngine A5?

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