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Richter Thor 10.6 opinions wanted - thanks :)

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Hey all,

Just wondering what the overall impressions would be like on the Richter Thor 10.6.

I am using Q Acoustics Concept 20 Speakers all around (the centre speaker is a Q Acoustics Concept Center Speaker)


I was using a PB2000 SVS subwoofer in the past, but was looking at this particular Thor 10.6 as it will match the Q Acoustics White colour very well from what I can see.




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white subwoofer.. hmm i will guess it will be placed at the front of the room. have you considered placing behind seating? many times people put subs at the front due to "the look" but this does not mean it is the best place.


if behind is better then colour should not matter. just looking at the stats the pb2000 is bigger in all regards but does not have in built EQ, although your placement and room config will effect that anyway.


as for "best sub under $5000" thats a BIG statement. be interesting as to what subs it was compared to.. PSA?


have a pb2000 not the other but when the lights are out watching a movie my room is black anyway.

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Just looking at the numbers alone, I don't think the Thor would be close to the PB2000. The SVS has the bigger 12" driver too. But it depends on what you are using the system for also - if purely music, you might get away with it. If movies, you will miss the low end extension of the SVS.

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