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Phono interconnect question/ opinion


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Hi all,


Quick question/ opinion, please. 


I’ve got a lovely Aurealis interconnects I’ve had for some years now. They are 1.5 meters long. However, I’ve now moved things around, and it’s way too long. (see photo) 


Do you think it’s worth replacing it with a shorter set in regards to less chance of interference, loss etc.? They do hang down to the floor behind and doubles itself up with the other cables including power. There isn’t really a clean way to run it as it is so long, unfortunately.






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Thanks folks for the great feedback. I really appreciate it. 

I’ll probably grab a .75 cable from Geoff and do a little rearranging. I’ll also keep the current cables for now, in the event (hope) I can one day afford a second turntable :) 


Also the phono pre isn’t in the best place, but the angle of the photo makes it looks a lot closer and worse then it is in relation to the power points. 

Cheers again. 

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