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Afterpay day 20% off and free shipping at Vinyl.com.au and Vinyl Destination 16th August tomorrow ( updated)

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Use special code valid today and tomorrow only at website_logo.png.3f24a397ada052813c6625dfbe401cee.png

Use coupon code:  AFTERYAYSALE

However I am a bit suss on some of their prices as I have been looking for an excuse to grab a bundle of new vinyl recently and think some may have been increased ( maybe) and it seems that Vinyl Destination is generally cheaper even by a dollar per record and according to their facebook page they are doing the same tomorrow and offering 20% off.
You pays your money and takes your choice... but one way or another the 16th August should save you a buck or two hopefully. Also mightyape seems to outprice both of them if they have sale they win.
If anyone knows a better place please let me and the group know, cheers
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