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SOLD: FS: Mutec MC3+USB smart clock

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Item: Mutec MC3+USB
Location: Moonee Ponds
Price: $1000
Item Condition: Excellent
Reason for selling:
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info:

Bought this recently to be a part of a computer streaming set up that was still in the planning stage.  At the moment I have it plugged in via optical from an oppo bd player to the mutec and then via coaxial to a separate dac.

I don’t quite understand how it all works but apparently it provides much better clicking data than the original source can provide and substantially reduces jitter.  Actually, looking at the website it does a whole lot of stuff that's beyond my understanding.  From what I read what the Mutec does is mostly utilised in computer based systems but even in my simplistic set up it does make a difference with definite improvements in air, micro detail, soundstage and making everything sound a little more ‘real’. In the scheme of things I’m probably using it in its least effective configuration. 

My plan was to set up a computer streaming system but I’ve since decided that the old Toshiba lap top I was going to use probably isn’t an ideal place to start. Rather than go down the rabbit hole of building a hole new computer system I reckon I might give someone else the opportunity to experience the benefits the Mutec can provide.

There’s a plethora of reviews and positive comments on the net about the Mutec as well as a couple of very informative YouTube videos.

Mine is in excellent condition and comes with cabling, manual, packaging and even a Mutec ballpoint pen. Mine was a genuine Aus import sold locally by the Aus importer. All indications from the paperwork is that it is still within the two year warranty period. I think it’s the very latest version as the screen printing on the front is the same as the one on the Mutec website.

There’s been few sales of these on Sna with the two most recent being where I based my price.

I can post at buyer’s expense.

According to users this thing is the duck’s guts for computer systems or any system where digital data is transferred. 

If it doesn’t sell I’m happily use it in the current configuration but can’t see myself making full use of it at the moment.

Photo as below, can send more if required. It’s sitting on top of my oppo 103 and has a USB drive on top.
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Can't believe this is still up for grabs.   ? 


I might be bias but IMHO the Mutec is a cracking bit of Audio kit.  I have owned one for a few years now and I can vouch for the fact it does exactly what the multitude of Reviews claim it does.    It re-clocks and cleans up the incoming data stream via a digital input and subsequently lowers the jitter.    As a result the music is presented in a more concise, spacious and detailed manner.


Prior to getting the Mutec I had an Audiophilleo2, USB to SPDIF converter.   I borrowed a Mutec from a SNA mate and it killed the Audiophilleo.    Not long there-after it was AP2 out, Mutec in.   


With the Mutec you get your Convertor and Re-clocker all in one.    Down the track if you want to take the next step, the Mutec Ref 10 plugs straight in the back as an External 10 Mhz reference master clock.


Inputs are USB, AES and Toslink.    Outputs to a DAC on this unit include AES, Co-axial, Toslink and BNC, so it's all covered.


These don't come up very often and they do hold their value better than most items on SNA.


Regards Cazzesman













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