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Cambridge audio g2 Vs yoyo s

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Hi all,


still looking for a suitable Bluetooth speaker and the Cambridge audio g2 interests me ( mainly because it can be bought for 99 plus shipping).  However, there are some mixed reviews of it and one major concern, I am unable to actually listen to one due to no shop in my area has any in stock - that is, I can only buy online.  This is one concern for me - another concern is that it is 5 year old technology and a lot has happened with batteries and Bluetooth and playback technology in the last5 years.


the Cambridge audio Yoyo s replaced the g2 and is a little bigger and is meant to have better battery life.  But has anyone done a side by side comparison of them in terms of sound?  One of my local shops does have a yo-yo s in stock but I am more curious on the sound difference between that and the g2 (which I can’t demo).


the advantage of the g2(and the 99 price), is that I can easily buy 2 and then link them and get actual stereo presence - however a yo-yo s is around $250 and buying 2 of them would be more difficult (as opposed to 2 g2s for the same price of 1 Yo-yo s).  But again, not being able to demo a g2 is an issue for me.


so any ideas or Thoughts?  Does a g2 sound really good and/or similar to the yo-yo s?  Should I be concerned with the 5 year old technology in a g2, or just go with the newer yo-yo s?


i am really only prepared to spend about 250 on a Bluetooth speaker.  Wife won’t let me go much higher that that.  Am looking for portability, battery life and quality - and good sensitivity at lower levels because when not being portable, it will be used in the bedroom at night for soft music (hence getting 2 of them would be good for actual left and right channels).


any other thoughts?






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Guest Music monster

I wish I could help but have no idea. Trust your ears and go and listen to as many as you can in your price range and buy the one that you like and suits you the best. Gary the music monster ?

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