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Meridian - Crafted for a Lifetime.

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We are very proud to announce we are Western Australia's newest (and only) Meridian Lounge dealer! Product is about to land in store this week.


Here is a nice short little video that marks out Meridian Audio's ethos. A film exploring Meridian Audio's uncompromising commitment to craftsmanship and innovation and its passion for making the highest quality products. They achieve this by being absolutely dedicated to the highest quality craftsmanship. Designed and built solely in the UK, the team know every single element of every product inside out.


We look forward to auditioning these to you in the foreseeable future!








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Our first shipment has arrived.

We now have the following products on the showroom floor:-


DSP5200SE Speakers

DSP3200 Speakers

M6 Speakers (1 pair)

218 Pre-Amp

257 Integrated Amplifier

857 Reference Power Amplifier


with more to come.


The DSP5200SE are sensational! 









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Guest DarkNark

Had a listen to Meridian DSP 5200's a couple of weeks ago.


For me, they sounded better than the Kii Threes in the base region. Can't remember the price difference or if there was one, but quite impressive.

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