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L Cao Field Coil 8 inch driver

Ian McP

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Definitely of interest to DIY speaker builders!


L Cao  FE 8 Field Coil loudspeaker




< Rated impedance: 8Ω

Sensitivity: 93.1~95.5dB (@130V-240V)

Rated power: 20W

Frequency response: 58-25kHz


Size: Φ211×180(mm)

Net weight: 8.7Kg/PC >


supplied with valve regulated DC supply for the field coil


< Input voltage: AC~110V or 220V

Machine power consumption: 100W

Output voltage: DC 130V~240V

Output current: 65mA×2 Max

Size: W 163×D 300×H 162(mm)

Net weight: 3.2kg >

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Meh. No T/S apart from Qts and no independent tests to confirm it's actual performance. Field coils are vastly overrated as I could still manipulate driver/box performance more with a cheaper driver and DSP.


Id be interested in reading a build with them though. But I seriously doubt many are going to pony up the $A5k it would cost to get a pair here. Maybe someone in Japan or HK will.

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On 15/08/2019 at 7:31 PM, A9X said:

Field coils are vastly overrated

:thumb: 100%


There are benefits (tweaking of electrical damping) .... but many people misconstrue the benefits.


Too many people think that "EQ" is heresy .... and that "field coils" are some sort of "magic".     Pardocially, one of the benefit of a "field coil" isn't more damping = more control ..... it's actually ability to have right amount of electrical damping, which is usually LESS.

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