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WTB: ORB DF-01iA High-end Audio Vinyl LP Record Flattener or similar


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Item:  Vinyl Flattener ORB or Furutech
Price Range: negotiable
Item Condition: New or Used
Extra Info:  I'm tired of buying vinyl that is warped and going through the hassle of sending it back or wearing a loss.


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    • By snarroway
      Moving house and clearing out surplus gear. Purchased this sub online direct from Orb Audio, a US based manufacturer. Please see their website for details. Speaker cable included. Collect from St Ives or my storage unit in Pymble.
    • Guest Y B
      By Guest Y B
      I am not usually excited about the Record Store Day, but sometimes it does have some pretty exciting releases. 2014 was The Field's From Here We Go Sublime. And this year? It is none other than The Orb's Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld for me!
      I will be in Melbourne this weekend and will certainly check out the record stores in the CBD. If you come across a copy somewhere, can you please, please, please post a note here so I won't miss it? I would really like to get a copy!

      2016 Record Store Day Release
      The Orb's Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld (4LP set)
      Sounding as fresh and innovative as on its original release in 1991, The Orb’s debut long player celebrates its 25th anniversary this year… and what better way to do that than with this sumptuous 4LP set?
      An ambient dance odyssey packed with a wealth of memorable samples from sources as various as the cult ‘Flash Gordon’ movie, Ennio Morricone’s haunting “man with a harmonica†theme from ‘Once Upon A Time In The West’, Rickie Lee Jones’s talk of ‘Little Fluffy Clouds’ (the subject of much controversy at the time) Grace Jones’s ‘Slave To The Rhythm’, NASA’s Apollo missions and Minnie Riperton’s soul classic ‘Lovin’ You’.
      Presented in the original landmark artwork – where the use of images of Battersea Power Station nodded to the Pink Floyd psychedelia of old and collided with the modern 90s aesthetic of the Designer’s Republic- the package is rightly regarded as a milestone of modern dance psychedelia.

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