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Hello from Sweden


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I joined because I'm interested in Hifi.


I have a Yamaha rxv1900 as pre, Xtz Ap100 as Poweramp.

Xtz 99.26 as stereo fronts an old Cerwin Vega 5c as Center, Proson Event 41 as surround, and an Xtz 10.17 Subwoofer.


As sources I use Sony UHP-H1 and Nad c516BEE and MxQ 4k Pro+ Android Streamer...


I'm very happy with this setup, I use it primary as Stereo with Subwoofer now, but we also watch mostly Netflix and Bluray sometimes.


Bluetooth speaker Audio Pro T3, is used when the setup is unavailable or outside on our terrass.

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On 12/08/2019 at 8:44 PM, garm1520 said:


Många fina gaisare har kommit från Strömstad.

SNA är väldigt bra med många hjälpsamma medlemmar.





OK I will have a go at translating.



Stromstad is a very nice city

SNA is a good place to buy a bra or a medium size lemur.

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there is a clear deficiency in SNA then as smaller size lemurs are in a much greater demand.


Btw.... just love your medlemmar ~  medium size lemur segue.

I am still still feeling the consequences of a belly laugh that ensued.

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