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SOLD: FS: CHORD Indigo Plus, 1.0m pair XLR Interconnects

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Item: CHORD Indigo Plus, 1.0m pair XLR Interconnects

Location: LNS Sydney

Price: $1,100

Item Condition: Excellent

Reason for selling: Selling components so don't need the cables

Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only

Extra Info: I should still have the box for these however a quick look in the attic didn't turn anything up. Will keep looking.


Described by What HIFI? as "Dazzling clarity across the entire frequency range". "The Chord Indigo Plus is a truly revealing cable that sets new standards for signal transmission across an extremely wide bandwidth". 


This cable can dramatically improve the sound of your system. Almost any CD player, phono stage or pre/power amplifier combination willl benefit enormously. The shielding system is the most complex we have used, resulting in a huge reduction of low-level noise. The sound is completely transparent and seriously dynamic, but it is the way all of these abilities are brought together that makes the Indigo Plus such a superb cable. The Indigo Plus will not only amaze you with the sheer amount of information it can carry, it will present it to you in a beautifully coherent and involving manner.

What is it?

The Signature was Chord's top of the range interconnect until the release of the Indigo. Chord know how important shielding is to audio cables and the Signature had one of the most advanced shielding systems available.

The most striking feature of the Chord Indigo Plus is the unique vibration damping, precision machined acrylic plug surrounds. That something seemingly simple as a plug surround can have such a profound effect on the overall performance of the cable it is fitted to is genuinely surprising. By damping vibration and resonance, the acrylic plug surround lowers the noise floor of the system to which it is fitted.


Collect from 2065  or will express post Australia wide for wide $20.00.





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I borrowed the RCA version of these cables from a friend a while back. I put them in my system but took them out after half an hour and vowed never to listen to them again (quite an achievement considering I had them for the weekend). They sounded fantastic, I could not afford them and knew the more I listened to them more I would be disillusioned with my current cables.

Good luck with the sale.

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