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SOLD: FS: Denon DP75 Turntable - Jelco SA750E - Dynavector XX2 MKII + more

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Item:  Denon DP75 Turntable - Jelco SA750E - Dynavector XX2 MKII + more
Location: Ipswich QLD
Price: $3000 FIRM
Item Condition: Excellent
Reason for selling:
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info:


Selling this turntable on my Dad's behalf. His original intent was to take it overseas with him but it seems more sensible just to buy a turntable overseas rather than lugging it over.


So here we have a Denon DP75 turntable with the larger panzerholtz (bulletproof ply) plinth. This thing weighs a ton, well over 20kg. Initially it had a Dynavector tonearm but the lack of a queuing mechanism proved a deal breaker. A 10" Jelco SA750E was purchased brand new and fitted. The Jelco was installed with the upgraded ammonite collar and Jelco's costly rosewood headshell.  1.25m Aurealis R3 shielded interconnects with ETI kryo ends for the phono hook up. The cost of the Arm, Collar, Headshell and Aurealis cables are well over $1500.


Included in the sale is a Dynavector XX2 MKII cartridge. Purchased new about 2 years ago and I would estimate 300 hours, still plenty of life left and was well taken care of. Disregard the Zyx cartridge shown in the photos, the Dynavector proved to be a better match.


The Denon DP75 is near the top of the line up amongst the Denon direct drives, I believe on the DP100 surpasses it. Starts up quick and the speed locks instantly. Gives my VPI Prime a scare to be frank. I hate to say the cliched "I doubt you will get better for this price" but it does prove true in this case. The cost of the arm, cartridge and extras is more than my sale price. You are essentially getting the turntable for free.


Condition wise I would say 9/10. The flash may accentuate some flaws but it looks near to new when viewed in natural light. The smoked dust cover is spotless and the hinges are perfect. The only thing worth noting is on the removable armboard the mounting holes from the previous Dynavector tonearm can be seen. The Jelco nearly covers 2 but the other 2 can be seen. Like with all my listings my photography skills never do the items justice. The turntable is as close to mint as you will get.


Genuine 240V model so no need for a step down.


Pick up only or will drop at Pack Send





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I have one of these, except mine has an original (inferior) Denon DA307 tonearm. So this table would sound next level I bet. Fantastic table, and rare as rocking horse droppings. Buy with confidence. 

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