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SOLD: FS: [Syd] Denon DVD-3910 SACD & DVD player in black

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Item: Denon DVD-3910 SACD & DVD player in black
Location: LNS Sydney
Price: $250
Item Condition: Excellent
Reason for selling: Selling my SC-LX90 which uses DSD iLink connection so now I won't need this.
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info: $2000 new, was flagship in 2005. Still works flawlessless and has Denon-Link 2nd Edition.

I actually sold my original 3910 some time ago and then realised I could have been using the iLink input to connect the 3910 for SACD playback (DOH!),

See I eventually found another one and yep, native DSD from the DVD-3910 into the SC-LX90. I think the SC-LX90 would have been one of the last high-end HT Amps with iLInk.

The special thing about this player that I also didn't know at the time is that it plays back SACD-Rs flawlessly. So anybody that has backed up their SACD collection to ISOs can burn them to a DVD-R and play them back on this unit.

It's only becuase I am selling the SC-LX90 that I am selling my new amp will only take DSD over HDMI which this can't do.


Reviews: https://hometheaterhifi.com/volume_12_1/denon-dvd-3910-dvd-player-1-2005.html





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11 minutes ago, RankStranger said:

For what it’s worth, I think you’d struggle to get a better CD transport this side of a grand. These were so well put together 

Agreed! Mine is still running as well as when I got it.

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