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I've decided to create a new Hifi show dinner thread to save people wading through the old one trying to find relevant posts relating to the actual event! :D


This Year I've managed to snaffle, (after a lot of persuading and promises we'd be better behaved this Year! xD), the Bocce Room at The Taphouse St Kilda.

It will be held on Saturday 19th October at 6.30pm.


For simplicities sake we can again have the "Host A Roast"menu option with Entree and mains for $55.

(I will need full prepayment as per last time)


If you want dessert included would be an additional $10 so would be $65 total, suspect some mightn't want it and think it's all in - so maybe best to stick with the same as last year.


Anticipate it will be another fantastic night, and one not to be missed to help celebrate the Hifi show weekend -in proper style with fellow audio enthusiasts! :party



Have made a list of many attendees at last years dinner, let me know if coming so I can lock in your names. (please don't be offended if I left yours off- merely an oversight)

@65eclipse coming

@blybo coming

@todagt coming + 1

@scuzzii coming 

@Doppelganger coming

@betty boop coming 

@Martykt coming

@Sirmorebeer coming

@Stump coming

@Tubularbells coming

@darth vader coming

@evil c coming

@Black Orange coming

@joz coming

@Assisi coming

@buzz lightyear coming

@Tony M coming

@mexicoke68 coming

@Sir Sanders Zingmore coming

@Mr_Gimlet (?)

@Sierra coming

@Grizzly coming 

@Max054 coming

@Kensell21 coming

@Ittaku coming

@frednork coming

@jakeyb77 coming

@A J coming

@darth vader coming




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Send through payment details and i'll shoot through some cash. No deserts required for me as im fat enough already but please tell them so stock up on the Biscotti before Luc necks the whole damn keg leaving the rest of us thirsty! :laugh:


Edit: and good job sir in all your efforts in yet again organising this fine feast for us the great unwashed 

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3 minutes ago, LogicprObe said:


Well, my boss is a real bastard.

He never gives me any time off!

Supply me his details, I'll get you time off! (Permanently perhaps) ?

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