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WTB: Good reasonable wrist watch Repairer in Melb


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Item: Good but not too expensive wrist watch Repairer in Melb
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Not sure where to post hence posting here. I have Omega Constellation Chronometer Wrist Watch which is not working. I mistakenly thought that it is waterproof like Seamaster model does and it is okay wearing it during swimming so I have been wearing it when i swim every day for several months and it died on me.


Do not want to spend a lot of money on this watch since I do not wear watch nowadays but this is my wedding watch and had this for about 15 years so it has some sentimental value to me. 


If anyone knows a good & reasonable watch repairer in Melbourne area, could you please refer him/her to me?


Thank you very much.

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www.watchcollector.com.au  are excellent for buying selling and service.


I have used them to purchase Omega and Rolex and recently to have my Speedmaster crown replaced.


They are located in an upstairs office close to Hardware Lane (can't remember the exact street, Mckillop maybe)


Ask for Michael

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