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Marantz pm19 info wanted

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Hi all.

 I am looking for info on the marantz pm19, there’s very little info out there .


its a straight forward 60w stereo amplifier , solid 14kg , Japanese made.


any opinions or info  on this model?



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6 hours ago, Antipodean Brad said:




If you're looking at a second-hand one currently available for $799.00, I suspect that that price is (a little) steep for such an old model.

No I’ve got one, bought a few years ago second hand, the prices I’ve seen online certainly don’t match my opinion of it but maybe I don’t have the right speakers to get the best out of it.

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That sounds as though you think highly of it.  Are you second-guessing yourself?  If you're happy with it then stick with it.


If, however, you think that it has more potential than your speakers will show, and you want to get better sound, then perhaps an SNAer local to you can help.  Or even arrange an audition at a hi-fi store using your amplifier. 


I gather that you did not get the owner's manual.  That may be difficult to obtain.

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