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Great Album Covers without the band in them


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Album covers can make an artistic statement beyond what lies in the grooves. Of course there are the most revered ones, Joy Division ,Floyd, Velvet Underground. Show us three of your favourites and tell us why they work for you.


Roxy Music, Avalon.

Romantic, adventurous ,solitary.


Hot Chocolate’s Greatest Hits.

Sexy, cool and I think a political statement with so few elements.


Venus and Mars, Wings.  

Minimalism at it’s best. Personally it should simply be the two balls with no title. Two unrelated objects that name the album perfectly.



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Lark's Tongues' in Aspic by King Crimson

My all time favourite album. The cover art just grabs your attention and hints at what's on the inside.




Close to the Edge by Yes. When you listen to the music your mind's eye sees it all in that shifting sweep of green.




Chunga's Revenge by Frank Zappa. I've always thought that he looked like a Mexican bandit in some cheap Spaghetti western, just zoom out  and he's sitting astride a horse, a tequila bottle in one hand. And the music has a red border around it too.

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Steve Earle hasn’t appeared on a record cover since the late 90’s

Every record since then has been a painting by an artist 

Here’s an article about the painter and a few samples

i own all his records except about 1 of them

Great songwriter and very left politically country music with as often as not electric guitars 





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Most obvious of course 4 of the best records ever made

In relation to Sticky Fingers very hard now for young people to understand just how out there that cover was



The original cover for Beggars Banquet was a toilet with Bob Dylan’s Dream graffitied on the wall was changed to from memory a white cover that opened up to scenes of debauchery spread across the gatefold

Its saving grace though was the music which kicked off 4 consecutive great records that are as good now as they were 50 or so years ago






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