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SOLD: FS: darTZeel NHB-108B copy power amp

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Item: darTZeel NHB-108B copy power amp
Location: Brisbane 
Price: $1,100 (cost $2,500 new with import duty, currency conversion etc)
Item Condition: Mint / as new
Reason for selling: Went the DIY route with high efficiency speakers. This is far too powerful to achieve useable listening levels (too loud). Just magic powering my previous Aurum Cantus F620 speakers.
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal
Extra Info:


Due to weight and value I'm making this available as a local sale only.


I bought this about two years ago to pair with some Aurum Cantus F620 speakers and it's been the best sounding amplification I've ever run.


Recently I went the DIY path building open back speakers using Alnico drivers from old 50's and 60's stereo consoles. The darTZeel  is too powerful for my DIY speakers with with playback too loud though still still sounds better than the 3.5WPC amp I've replaced it with. Hopefully with tube rolling,  burn in and further some modifications it will surpass the darTZeel copy.


I'm very happy to demo if any potential buyers are willing to help me move speakers around for the demo. The DIY speakers are extremely heavy. I won't be selling my Aurum Cantus F620 speakers until the darTZeel is sold as I've no other speakers of a level to really showcase this wonderful amp that are in the right efficiency range. (81-90db). All my other top speakers are 97db efficient or greater.













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1 hour ago, scumbag said:

Just to clarify, did the mean to write "copy" in the advert. It look pretty damn good for a copy!


Yep, it's a copy amp. Not genuine.


58 minutes ago, peterpan said:

if you change your mind and allow postage to Adelaide, I would be interested,



If you've a courier that will pack and send the amp I'm fine to do that, though at your expense.


I'm thinking I need to heavily modify this little 3.5WPC 832A amp to get it up to the darTZeel performance.... Maybe some Hashimoto output transformers. I'm going to miss the darTZeel / Aurum Cantus combo if I can't get my DIY amp and speakers up to the same level. Still,  changed the coupling caps to Miflex KPCU-1 today and removed the ALPS27 pot using Dueland wire, so it should improve with burn in ;)



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9 minutes ago, MattyW said:

this little 3.5WPC 832A amp

that's a rather nice piece of work :)

approx what part of Brisbane?
my "agent" there can help me with shipping - but the friendship has its limits ...

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I'm in Virginia,  so inner North side. Within 10km of the CBD. Close to the gateway and tunnels so fast to get to from anywhere in Brissie :)


I'd advise they take the glass top off and pack separately so it's not broken in transit if you do so.

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