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SOLD: FS: Peachtree Audio iNova Integrated Amplifier

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Item: Peach Tree Audio iNova Integrated Amplifier
Location: Homebush West, NSW
Price: $750
Item Condition: Excellent
Reason for selling: No Longer Needed
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (3% +), COD Only
Extra Info: 
The amp is Rosewood in colour with a nice sounding built in DAC. Has home theatre bypass. Comes with remote and power cable.






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“If your subwoofer has only one “line in” jack, you may use a single RCA cable from either the left or right iNova “Pre Out” jack. Even with this single-cable hookup you will lose little or no musical information, since most recordings mix bass frequencies in mono.”


so can I plug one cable in “each L & R pre out” of the amp and run it to the 2 Sub’s - SVS SB-2000


My denon 4500 has 2 sub outs so it’s pretty basic with that but I’m not sure how this will work with the integrated amp


I want the subs to be connected to both the denon and amp and play depending on what am listening to.


My intended setup is all 2 channel inputs connected to the integrated “amp and sub” and for movie watching the denon controlling everything  including subs along with the integrated amp driving L & R. I have a 5.2.4 set up - Kef Q950, Q350,Q650,Q50A


One important consideration is streaming as well. How do I achieve that other than docking the phone with this amp? Is there a better way to do it other than chromecast Audio?



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If you go to Peachtree website you can view the manuals but basically if you connect your 2ch speakers and subs to the iNova then you can use the Home Theatre Bypass input to connect the Denon and select that input when you want the Denon to  control everything, using the iNova as a power amp only for its attached speakers and subs. 


For streaming you can just connect whatever device [ phone, computer,etc] you wish to stream from to one of the digital inputs, I initially use a Bluesound Node into mine with good results. FWIW I've enjoyed my iNova for years keeping it for a second system as I upgraded the main, very enjoyable and great looking amp.


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Can any of the current owners of this product confirm that pre-outs are disabled on HT Bypass mode and hence the subwoofer will not work. The manual is not very clear on this. Thanks

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