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FOUND WTB: Sony Walkman WM 6DC


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Item: Sony WM 6DC in working order with case and strap preferably
Price Range: $4-700
Item Condition: Good working order
Extra Info: 


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found one
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I have a one I might be interested in selling. It is actually new - I bought it as "new old stock" a few years ago and have literally never taken it out of its box. Your post prompted me to find it and put some batteries in it. A quick test suggests it is working well and sounds amazing (as they always did).


This has the original box, case and unopened manual and accessories - see photos below. I have only taken it out to insert the batteries and test it. Given the condition, I'm not sure I can stay within your price range.


Aside from that, the only problem now is that it sounds so good I may be tempted to hang on to it!






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wow---exactly what I am looking for!!! Totally agree if the best money is what you are after then you definitely would get more I feel. Is there anything special you are hankering after maybe I can package with the money (not sex!!!) ---  my desire for one is not motivated by stereo tragic-its...I'm actually a professional academic who does work on cultural oral traditions and because I have cassette transcribers I want to record with cassette---


anyway if you aren't already in Paris on the proceeds of the sale by all means I would love to have first refusal if/when you decide a price!!!!


praying I haven't offended you and again wow what a find!!!

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