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SOLD: FS: GigaWatt PC-1  EVO power filter. 1.5m Gigawatt LC1 MK3+ power cable.

Guest scumbag

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Guest scumbag

tem: GigaWatt PC-1  EVO power filter AS NEW  with 4X Aussie outlets. Black Fascia. Included 1.5m Gigawatt LC1 MK3+ power cable.

Location: Brisbane (can post at cost)

Price: $1850plus postage if required .  RRP 3000. 

Item Condition: Perfect from what I can see. With original box. Cable is excellent condition too.

Reason for selling: Gone up the food chain (madness).

Payment Method: Pickup - Paypal Only please. Postage = Paypal as a friend (or add 3% for fees)

Extra Info: A superbly reviewed (and performing) power filter that combines filtering, excellent protection and zero loss of dynamics. Oversized copper busbars, silver plated outlets and top quality components. This is the baby in the range but it is by no means a poverty model! 4 power outlets, 2 for "digital"equipment (i.e DAC or lower power gear) and 2 for "analogue" i.e high current gear. I used this for my power amp, preamp, DAC and then had an unfiltered power board on the 4th outlet for my PSU's etc. IMHO Gigawatt allows your system to fully express the available dynamics with zero constriction. Add to this a lovely handing of treble, deep clean bass  and a sweet midrange that enhances timbral realism. Soundstage becomes more precise but without spotlighting of elements. Happy to audition especially if your are sceptical as to what power filters can really do for a system. I've really enjoyed this much more than any of the multiple filters / conditioners I've used. 


I would suggest that Gigawatt is a seriously under-respected brand at least in Australia - in my experience their gear outperforms a lot of more popular brand power filters in the same or even higher price point.



Socket type: EAU (AS/NZS 3112)
Line voltage: 220-240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Maximum output power : 3 680 W
Maximum current load: 16 A
Absorbed impulse current: 20 000 A
Dimensions (W x H x D): 320 x 90 x 330 mm
Gross weight: 6,50 kg 



PC-1 EVOHiFi Choice, Poland, December 2009, BEST BUY
HiFi Choice najlepszy-zakup

“The PC-1 will make your system gain freshness.”

„PC-1 was tested in a home cinema system, powering a Blu-ray player, receiver, TV set and an active subwoofer. In this configuration, the treble profited most; they were completely cleaned from any harshness, and fed our ears with more details. The sound became broader and less aggressive in perception, and this happened without impairing dynamics, which is so important in a home cinema setting. The picture on the LCD screen had improved colors, became also very fluent and sharp.
And in the stereo system a very pleasant, velvety smoothness appeared in the whole frequency spectrum, as well as sweetness in the midrange, while the bass pulsated with incredible might and depth. Our attention was also drawn by a splendidly reproduced sound stage, devoted from any ‘dirt’ between the virtual sources.”

“It does not limit the dynamics of the power amplifier, and this is a very important characteristic of a conditioner. It does work very well not only in the audio sphere, but also in video – it improves the quality of any kind of TV set”

“PC-1 is currently the best conditioner in the market at its price level that can compete with much more expensive products.”

Author: Arkadiusz Ogrodnik


PC-1 EVOHi Fi i Muzyka, Poland, January 2015, Award of the Year


The Gigawatt PC-1 EVO is a modest looking and featured device for filtering noise and protecting hi-fi gear from power surprises. To say it short – it is a power conditioner. And let us add, it is the simplest one in the Gigawatt catalog. Simplest, so also the cheapest one, and destined to be the most battered one. But is it true? Setting up the company hierarchy is not easy this time, as the PC-1 EVO, even when compared directly with the flagship PC-4 EVO, does not need to be ashamed of anything. Yes, it has only 4 output sockets instead of twelve, and when you try to list technologies used in it, most spaces will remain empty. But the “one” brings good energy, openness and vividness into the sound. It is not as refined and smooth in the upper registers, or as saturated in the midrange as the reference model, but it helps the amplifier to control the bass completely and brings the so needed pepper into the music. It can breathe new life into a system, and put the sounds in their rightful places on the timeline. I hope there will be more devices like this one.



PC-1 EVO HiFi Einsnull, Germany June 2014




“It is hard to believe, how clear the difference was. I expected a more velvety sound, but in case of “power cleaners” we often lose dynamics. Ladies and Gentlemen – in this case I was not able to notice this – at least in case of dynamics. The whole extent of dynamics is preserved, despite me trying out the most heavy artillery, making the job of the small PC-1 from Gigawatt as difficult as possible. The powerful amplifier Dan d’Agostino, which I connected to the output of the device, sounded without restraints. Due to special filtering it sounded a bit more velvety and cleaner than before, while at the same time it was able to extend the full potential of its power and expression.”

Author: Christian Rechenbach


Pictures: It's got the usual dust on it which looks bad in photos but no scratches, dents or imperfections that I can detect.






Image result for GigaWatt PC-1 EVO


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