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Upgrading from Onkyo 606...suggestions pls

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Hi guys,

i currently am using an Onkyo TX-SR606 for my HT setup and its been keeping me happy for the past 2 years. However, IF my wallet allows me to upgrade, what AV receiver would u recommend?

Here's my simple setup which the Onkyo 606 is hooked up to:

x5 Anthony Gallo Micro Ti

X1 Anthony Gallo TR1 sub


AC Ryan Media player

Samsung 40" LCD TV

Optoma HD20

Nintendo Wii

I watch mainly blu-ray movies and play games with this setup, so an improvement with Picture Quality is the most important.

Please feel free to recommend me an AV receiver which u deem to be an upgrade from the Onkyo 606.

Budget wise, i recently relocated to Kuala Lumpur so prices are significantly different if compared to Australia. I bought the Onkyo 606 2 years ago for $950, so anything around that price range i guess.

Thanks in advance......

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G'day wrexican , if you are wanting an upgrade in picture quality , perhaps you might consider a different source , maybe an Oppo BD-93.

Not sure if an AV Amp around your budget will get you the results you are after.

The Oppo's are a terrific player and picture quality on both formats are superb.

Just my 2c , the other guy's may assist further.

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I think you should wait a bit longer, so you have a few dollars more in your pocket.

I'd recommend you have a look at the Cambridge Audio 650R, it's a pretty good receiver, sounds great as well as having great picture quality, it has an RRP of $2200 - however, retailers are advertising a special at the moment, you get the companion BD player for free, so you might be able to get the receiver for around $1500 (if you don't want the BD player). I've been pretty happy with my Yamaha receiver, so I'd also recommend a look at their new "AVENTAGE" range, the RX-A1000 (RRP $1799) is probably also available for around $1500.

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