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Wood veneer specialist?


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Just wondering if people here recommend anyone in Auckland that can cut and apply wood veneer?


or do I just get it pre-cut?


is it very easy to do?



any places or people that would be recommended?


and lastly.. is wood veneer very expensive to buy?

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It all depends on what type of wood veneer you get. The more exotic the more expensive of course.I have some real wood mahogany veneer, and its fairly easy to apply. I apply pva glue to both the surfaces(one side of the veneer and one side of mdf), let the glue dry, position the veneer on the mdf and iron the veneer onto the mdf which melts the glue just enough to create a firm hold. Let it dry.


Heres a link to where I learnt how to do it:




BEAT here on Audioenz nows a fella somewhere in auckland but I cant remember what his name or company was. Might pay to pm him.

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cheers for the reply :)


I think my search is over for speakers under 1k!

still awaiting confirmation for it though :P


I also had a look at your website

some very interesting gear there!


I was looking at buying speakers from madisound a whileback, but kept putting it off due to shipping costs... for my car stereo


semi- happy with my boston z6's for now though..


there maybe some interest in your gear over at the nzice forums which is a dedicated car audio forum


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