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Pre-amp and Integrated Amp ?

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tanman_sg;105724 wrote:
If your integrated amp has links between pre-out and pre-in which you can remove (so that you can isolate the preamp and power stages) then it shouldn't be an issue.


No, amp does not have pre-in so cannot do this. I would be connecting to one of the standard analog inputs.


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Hmmm... you COULD connect a 2nd preamp into say a Line/Aux input, but the signal would still be going thru the existing preamp/vol control etc. So, what you'd doing is adding a whole extra box of (tube ) electronics.


However, it MAY give you an acceptable sonic result... theoretically must be degraded to some extent, but... the tube part may give you something attractive... acting as a a sort 'filter' in front.

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