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Linn lp12 arm board made of gloss black acrylic with a cutout for your tone arm

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A brand new black acrylic tone arm board for your linn lp 12. The dimensions are identical to the original linn lp12 mounting board. Included are the 3 mounting holes drilled into the underside of it, as standard in the origional linn arm board.


The arm board will be exactly drilled with a cut out hole or holes to suit the tone arm of your choice , including linn, sme, helius, grace etc.


It comes with protective brown paper, which is on both sides, and is simply peeled off, before or after your tone arm is mounted, leaving a lovely gloss surface.


We will have some photos of the new black acrylic arm board mounted on a linn lp12 with a helius tone arm soon and a report on the sound quality.


The price includes all mounting cut out holes, drilled exactly for your specified tone arm. Please note we are offering free delivery in new zealand for october orders.

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