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THX Panasonic plasmas

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cloth_ears;111907 wrote:
The plasma is confined to little cells within the panel structure. The effect you mention is surely more likely to occur with LIQUID crystal displays:D


Luckily these new LED TV's don't have liquid or plasma in them, cyrstallised or not.

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Baz;111910 wrote:
I am assuming it is the weight of the glass? No expert here. Sorry, didn't mean to be serious, I like the other answers better.


Just simple physics chaps. It's why you see those glaziers trucks with the glass transported upright on the outsides. You can take the risk of lying a plasma down when transporting it, but if you hit a bump or pothole there could be tears!


I only just managed to squeeze my 42" into the back of our Civic so I'm thinking the next (bigger) purchase will definitely require delivery.


Slightly off-topic, but has anyone noticed that Panasonic is now doing a 42" Full HD LCD (TH-L42S10Z). Seems a bit strange to me considering they have always maintained that plasma is best for bigger screens, i.e. 42" and over. Interesting.

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Signatue updated.


This is one "shiny" TV. I have quite a bit of light coming into the room so it is noticable, but not to the point it distracts me. Is OK where it is but positioning is an important factor if you are looking at this TV (probably the same for some others as well). At night, even with the main lights on it is not a problem, in fact I quite like the picture and of course it improves with the lights off. I used the THX mode in the evening, but I am using Cinema during daylight hours.


I am happy with the wall mount as it does not push the TV out too far into the room (115mm), but got a power point with built in surge protection to lessen power space requirements. Had to take care with cabling, allowing for not too much bend in the cable. Also, no buzzing (other thread) or fan noise that I can hear.


It is still early days, but the hi def stuff really does shine. I am sure there are a lot of other TVs out there where I would have said the same. I am happy with this one and definitely very happy I went for the 58. I have not changed any of the settings yet as I have not had time. Will take a couple of photos and post them when I get a chance.

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The TH-P50V10Z has no software updates at the moment for the NZ model. Is there a particular fault that you are experiencing?

If so please advise.

Whilst this unit does not have a LAN connection, there are still two ways of updating the software should the unit require it.

1. As an over the air download (OAD) which is done automatically in the morning (5 am) as David advises.(Software update setting needs to be turned on in setup menu) 2. Manual update via the SD card slot.


The American version of this model uses a different Digital reception system from New Zealand and its updates will be to resolve problems (Bugs) found when operating on their system. The factory confirm these problems are not experienced with the NZ digital system, hence no updates needed.

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oakley_nz;112843 wrote:
The 58v10's finally arrived @ HN botany. disappointed that it's not 'one sheet of glass' like the 50v10. And the Panel is indeed quite thick.


The fact that the 50v10 was the only model to have the 'one sheet of glass' was known from their announcement in the early/middle of last year. I guess there are production issues with it for bigger models.

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