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In recently released news (yesterday), Universal Pictures NZ has been appointed distributor for all Paramount / Dreamworks titles in NZ. They have indicated that titles should begin shipping immediately.


The warehouse (as far as I am aware) as been cleared to buy / sell stock from the receivers of the previous distributor (Scene1 now in rec.) so these should be hitting shelves at the BRS in the not too distant future.


I have no idea what titles the Warehouse has purchased, would assume new / recent release product mostly (and perhaps TV series)


From what I understand, Universal is keen to begin playing catchup on old releases (Watchmen, Hotel for Dogs, Ghost Town, Monsters vs Aliens etc), PLUS, they are hoping to release Star Trek on time (inline with Aus) at the end of this month. Won't hold my breath for it, but they seem keen enough.


A lot on here prolly have already bought up o/seas on the missing titles, but for those that havent, the wait is almost over




I guess there will be some pretty cheap Paramount titles at your local BRS



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Thanks for that Sen. From someone who hasnt purchased many Blu-rays recently ill keep an eye out at the BRS. Im definitely Keen on the New Star Trek as a must buy so hopefully that will be released later this month. I see in region A that Drag me to hell is released this month as well but is not due in this part of the world till the end of December.....Its another title im keen on. Might have to do the ol region A purchase me thinks?

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