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Some big speaker DIY madness...


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tamarillo;104179 wrote:
speaking of kits there is a 'dynaudio' on trademe that is merely one of their kits someone in UK built. I checked by sending photo to Dynaudio and some nice danish person replied within the hour! How the heck can one buy such a thing without hearing it?


I have actually heard those speakers which are on TM at the moment. Their very nice sounding speakers. Unfortunately the cabinet is not the best finish - the top of it is not quite flush with the sides. As such, I think that the seller is asking a little much, but then, the drivers and crossovers in them are pretty valuable items.

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tamarillo;104206 wrote:
ears on the ground too tall. thanks.


If your serious about those speakers ( I see your comments on the auction ) ask the seller to take photos of the fit and finish of the cabinets. This is the only issue with the cabinets as far as I was aware.

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