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Integrated Amp

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I've had this lying around in my lounge now for too long and it's time for this beautiful amp to go to a new home.


Without checking my PDF of the brochure; it's 13 odd kilograms of black-fronted aluminium from the heyday of the japanese audio industry.


40-something watts @ 8ohm if I recall.


Switchable a/b/a+b speaker outputs. 6.5mm headphone out.


Two tape inputs/outputs; two aux inputs; tuner input; and dual phono inputs - one which has a switchable load.


Defeatable tone control; loudness; high-pass/low-pass filters etc


It can also run as a pre or power.


I purchsed it off a tech who gave it a thorough overhaul just over four years ago. I think the serial number dates it to the very late seventies. The AU x900 range started to come out around '74 or something, and was the best stuff the company made - cosmetically tidy pieces from the top of the series are priced pretty similarly to McIntosh gear of the same age. The 5900 is mid range - the top integrated au9900 had about 100W and is worth about $1000NZD last I looked.


Works very well - never missed a beat for me. The pots were entirely noiseless when I bought it - now a little bit of scratchyness which means it needs its half-decade dose of de-oxit but nothing more.


The power stage is dead silent, the pre has a tiny amount of noise. Never bothered me enough to get it looked at - as I need my ear to the tweeter to notice it.


I'd call the sound warm, sweet and quite lovely, though not the biggest sound stage. I've since replaced it with some Plinius seperates.


Just a note though - the photo's don't really show some of the odd scrapes and blemishes. But as you're a local lad I'm only too happy to drop it around for you to have a look at and plug it in and see how it goes with your gear.


I need to pick up an entry-level phono stage for my new-to-me plinius - which should give you some idea of what I'm wanting for it. :)









Note the infamous Sansui spring clip terminals on the back.



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Oh, I forget the random amp trivia factoid.


For extra culture-vulture street cred this model of amp has a starring roll in the movie 'Hi Fidelity'. When John Cusack mopes around in his apartment rearranging records it's a Sansui AU 5900 that plays the soundtrack.


Though I couldn't for the life of me endorse the decision of Cusack's character to listen to Lisa Bonet...

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