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Need a little help with cartridge/stylus choice


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Hi everyone

I've never had to replace the stylus on a turntable before, but I've recently bought an old Onkyo turntable which needs one.

On the current one it says "DN-35ST DIAMOND" and I was just wondering what I should replace it with?

I have found places that sell what they call replacement DN-35ST stylus' but I hear a lot of talk about upgrading the better brand/model.

Any suggestions or guidance on which one I should buy that will suit this turntable? Budget is about $150.



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Does the cart have any brand name or logo on it? You really need to make sure that the replacement stylus is the correct one.

The other route is to get a new cart. I would recommend an Ortofon 2M Red, which can be upgraded to a blue later of you want. I bought one about a year ago for $100. I'm sure others will recommend a few carts, the Audio Technica carts are meant to be good at reasonable prices.


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