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MDF cabinets for Frugel Horns

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No, we are not there yet!


Actually I'm finding that plywood is not as user friendly (the user being me) as I was expecting.


Also the new cabinets are being built for the wedgie version, which has created other difficulties with accurately cutting some smaller items.


On top of that there are all these inconsiderate people who want to buy cables from me.


The plywood cabinets will eventually be finished, but I have no idea of when that would be.


Hopper, have you got your own drivers to install in these cabinets? If not then I might be interested in selling the complete speakers.


That would then give me motivation to finish the new cabinets.

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That's cool.


I thoroughly recommend the single driver concept.


It removes all that complex loading from the amplifier in such a simple manner (apart from the complexity of the cabinet build).


The next step to better performance is to go active with multiple amps and active crossovers as Antipodes (and others) have mentioned.


Haven't got there yet though.


ATM I'm enjoying the pleasures of so much sound/detail from so little hardware.

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