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Finally added my set up to my signature

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Last upgrade was to the SM6 MkII from the MkI. Had it modified for the high v output from the Cary CDP.

Pretty happy with the sound of music just now.... altho I wouldn't mind hearing a Cary SLP05 or the EAR 868 for a bit of valve sound in the system, but I do like the overall dynamic of the Perreaux SS.

I prefer the SS to the valve output in the Cary for most of my listening.

Maybe a Parasound JC2 in the mix :cool:

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kiwi_1282001;102396 wrote:
X 2




I have the more recent Cary 306 player paired with the SLP-05. The 05 is highly recommended should the opportunity arise.


Just a few kk,kkkk's short for the 05 at the moment. I nearly got one in OZ last Oct at Audiophile in Melbourne, but from time of enquiring and getting there (a week), he had sold the last one at the "old" price, and was taking new stock by order only, at 3k more due to US to Au $ rate changes, so didn't even get to look at it or fondle it. Its now AU$10k.

I took an easier local route and just upgraded the SM6.

Do you change the sample rates on the 306 much?

I find that different recordings have a 'better" best sounding rate. No particular rule, I just flick through and one rate will sound "right". Lot of fun tho.

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Hi JohnnyC, i spend most of the time listening at a sample rate of either 96KHz or 192 KHz. Rarely do i listen at the extremes with the exception being 44.1 KHz is used for HDCD discs and sometimes 768KHz is used for prestine recordings. As good as Redbook playback is - i find SACD preferable where the software is decent enough.


The SLP-05 is certainly pricey but can be picked up for half of list price from the likes of Audiogon.

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