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Tannoy DC10T

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Squid, they are very good indeed. First up, they need a hell of a lot of room around them to alleviate boom. These have vast amounts of low-end energy and suit larger rooms. I had them a metre away from all surfaces before I ran out of room - luckily only a few recordings sounded excessive in the bass dept (trip-hop type stuff). Otherwise they have a well-extended and nimble bass performance that boogied the music along well.

They're blessed with an open midband, and have that excellent coherence found in single driver speakers (single point source stuff). They manage to throw a credible soundstage, and are extremely good at reproducing the human voice.

They also play extremely loud, so rev-heads (those with $10K that is) would be more than satisfied with their capacity for high volume.

I liked them, it's a pity they went back I guess, but at least I still have my Vofo's!

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