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Moving into HT

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I am at one of those crossroads (as many before no doubt).

I have NAD C372 + C542 and a pair of Mission M35s. Thoroughly enjoy them.


Now a 40" LCD has arrived and the old Panasonic DVR (which can't play all DVD formats these days) has to go.

This raises the issue of connectivity for the future.

Is there an AVR gizmo which doesn't have an amplifier but can still do all the switching for HDMI AND hook into the NAD?


I want to hook up HDMI inputs from mediaPC system, plus a decent DVD player and (pressure pressure) upgrade to a MySky box.

I am steering clear of multi-speaker (surround) options for now.


Or - horrors - do I ditch the NAD amp and shift to a proper AVR of the likes of Onkyo or Marantz?

(Hint: there's an SR8001 on Tardme at a low price but is old model I think)


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NAD make some pretty decent AVR's and AVP's ( Audio Video Processor, a receiver without amps ) which will possibly compete as well as your current NAD integrated. NAD tend to have a distinct sound which you obviously enjoy, so stick to the brand. Whats your budget for your AVR/P and DVD player?

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cloth_ears;101232 wrote:
I'd consider NAD AVR's first if you like the sound of your present amp.


Maybe, but if you're just using the receiver as a switch and using the preouts to pass to the amps you have then it won't be a major issue. More critical is speaker matching for when you finally decide to go multi-channel.


The Panasonic BD80 seems to be the universal recommendation for BR players around here.

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