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Heathkit replacement PTX

Owen Y

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Hi beeman,

I've started a fresh thread...


beeman;95943 wrote:
Looking for someone in Hamilton to replace the main transformer in my Heathkit valve tester (did the smelly smoke thing last night). Sould be fairly simple but need the right tranx and to calibrate it after install - cheers

Ideally you need the Circuit Schematic in order to supply the Trannie Winder with the req'd secondary voltages & current loads... or even work it out from the cct.


He may be able to figure some of it from the old trannie, but the schematic is of course best.


Heathkit were v common, so the manual/schematic will be obtainable I'd think.


Otherwise, I'd post it to Basil at Howick Transformers in Akld. he sends everything back out via courier anyway.

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This is a sign that you should just give up on tubes, pack the whole lot in a box and I'll be over in the morning to get rid of them for you


Hmmm - could be right - make me an offer :P

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Thanks for that very useful contact Owen --- but here's a lesson - don't turn it on till you find the manual and read it - turns out it is 110v - I plugged it into a stepdown and she's sweet as - duh :o

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