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The Proposal (and comment on Gold Class)

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A pushy boss forces her young assistant to marry her in order to keep her Visa status in the U.S. and avoid deportation to Canada.


Well we finally found a local baby sitter and I took the opportunity to hang out at the movies. Lets go all out I thought and booked Gold Class, that will impress the wife. When I told her she said fine but I heard the food is crap. How bad could it be I thought :o.


I enjoyed the movie and thought Gold Class was crap. Very poor quality of food, very poor service and having the movie interrupted every 5min by waiters did nothing for me. Will not be doing that again. Very much a waste of money.


The movie was ok, nothing exciting or to serious but I thought some of the comedy was good. I am struggling to think of anything else so that is it.


P.S. Sky City, set the microwave to med, at least then you might be able to eat some of it.

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I hear ya. In my defence it was more about getting away from the kids than enjoying the movie so the experience itself was more important. Have seen worse (Indy 4, Star Wars Clone Wars) so could have been an even bigger disaster.

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VinylFan;94792 wrote:
Me and the missus personally find "La Premiere" at Sylvia Park to be far superior in terms of service and food to "Gold Class" even the seating is much better. You get a sortof double recliner booth together rather than two individual recliners. very cosy and private...


Yes I agree - La Premiere is very nice.

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