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FS: TAD MTM High Efficency Horn Speaker system using TAD 4001 twin 1601a.

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* Item full name and model etc. TAD MTM Speaker System

* Location Adelaide.

* Item condition description Used, see below

* Reason for selling Not enough room

* Price and price conditions A$14500.00



Many on the SNA forum would be familiar with these speakers from my thread last year. For those who are not, here's the abridged version :)




l assembled these speakers after an experience with a TAD based speaker system last year. This set me on a path of high efficiency utilising these legendary drivers, ending with a result which surpassed my highest expectations.


These speakers are incredibly dynamic with palpable bass only large diameter low excursion drivers seem capable of. Revealing, engaging and just so alive these speakers were the best l had ever laid ears on until the opportunity to join an Audio business exposed me to even more expensive esoteric systems. l would love to keep these speakers but their size and my wife makes this an impossibility. The drivers are classics and destined to be collectors items, they are becoming increasingly expensive and more difficult to source and l believe that sooner or later Pioneer will cease manufacture of TAD drivers.




These massively constructed furniture grade CAD designed cabinets were professionally designed and manufactured by E-Speakers in the USA.


Professionally built these Art Deco inspired cabinets possess a bold visual appearance. The 3” thick baffle is inert to vibration and veneered with gorgeous quilted Birds Eye Maple and framed with solid walnut hardwood. The rest of the cabinets are made from 1.5” MDF, vertically braced with Oak slats (see CAD image) and horizontally braced with MDF and finished in gloss Piano Black. In addition the interior walls are completely lined with $1000 worth of Focal’s ‘Blackhole 5’ and are anechoic.


Each cabinet has 11 cuft of internal volume and outside measurements of 69” x 23” (w) x 26” (D) The naked cabinets weigh approximately 160kg and complete with drivers weigh 220kg ea. l would estimate that these cabinets alone would cost at least $10,000 each to replicate to the same standard of construction and finish.


There is some minor cosmetic damage to one separate region towards the rear of each enclosure but its largely out of view and doesn’t show in the photos or detract from the cabinets in real life. The Piano Black finish has some minor swirls & scratches but again this is only minor. l bought the cabinets second hand and would estimate their age at 3-4 yrs old and rate them in overall good condition.


T.A.D. 16” TL-1601a Woofers


These legendary woofers are only 7 months old and in pristine as new condition. Barely run in with an estimated 200hrs of careful use these are as good as new. Employing paper cones and Alnico magnets these woofers have been manufactured essentially unchanged since the 1980’s and match perfectly to the 4001. RRP is US$1000ea, more info and specifications available here:





T.A.D. 2" TD-4001 Compression Driver


These 2” Compression drivers are 110dB efficient and regarded as being the best of the best. Employing a massive Alnico magnet they are truly an amazing driver capable of covering the full frequency range from 600-20000Hz. A perfect match to the 1601a. These drivers are 7 months old and in as new condition with less than 200hrs of careful use.


RRP is US$2860ea, more info and specifications available here:





T.A.D. TH-4001 Maple Horn Clones by Classic Audio Reproduction


These are very high quality exact Laminated Maple clones of the TAD 4001 Horn (no longer available) that were originally made in the USA by Classic Audio Reproductions. The C.A.R 4001 clone is as close to perfect reproductions of the original Laminated Maple horn made by TAD. The horns are maple, not cheap birch clones available on ebay, and are in overall very good condition, one has slight marking on the leading edge from a recent house move. RRP is US$2950/pr



T.A.D. TN-1 Clone Crossover Networks


This crossover was originally designed by TAD for their Studio Monitors running 2 x 1601a & 4001, this TAD built system was dubbed the model 2401 and is a studio favourite. The 2401 system uses the exact same configuration as my system except the woofers are mounted side by side rather than in MTM configuration, the specifications of the TN-1 network are:


TN-1 crossover frequency: 650Hz.

Maximum input power: 600W.

Impedance: 4 ohms.

Level control: Built in: fixed at -6dB

External: continuously variable.

Rated loss: LF:0.6dB.

Attenuation response: LF: -36dB/oct. HF: -12dB/oct.


These are clones were made in Taipei by a skilled technician and use many of the same components suppliers as TAD used themselves when they were making the TN-1 (production ceased many ears ago). The crossovers are built into mono chassis’ and include the original filtering that TAD designed to get the best from the 4001/twin 1601a configuration.


Its simple to bi-amp as l had the crossovers built with separate low and high frequency inputs. At one time l did have the opportunity to run an SET on the 4001’s and an SS amp on the woofers, this was a very alluring combination! The built in L pad is used for level matching whether single or bi-amping. Specifications for the Model 2401 which are identical for my system in MTM configuration are:


Impedance 4ohm

Freq Range 29-20000hz (no limits specified)

Efficiency 98dB/1W

Max SPL 126dB @ 1m

Crossover Freq 650Hz


The crossover has 6dB fixed attenuation built in so the 4001 Horn fed by the HF passive network has an efficency around 104dB. The impedance data for the 4001 compressor when loaded into a TH4001 horn shows impedance varies between 13-16 Ohm so it should make an easy, even load for an SET with no nasty impedance swings to affect the SET's tonality.



Unfinished Business


My intention with this system was to start passive and eventually go active. Getting a Speaker guru to measure the TN-1 crossover would reveal the filtering, notches etc originally used by TAD and these could then be replicated actively by using a Marchand XM44 or 126. l got as far as purchasing a new Ashley XR2001 for an active trial before committing more $$ to a Marchand but alas the Ashley never made it out of the box, its available separately if potential buyers are interested


The addition of a pair of TAD ET703 Super Tweeters was also under consideration early on but to be honest l never felt the need. These super tweeters are still are available new and used on eBay, l would consider integrating it passively to minimize amplifier requirements.




l originally imported all components including the cabinets from the USA and have the original original packaging for all the drivers plus crates for the speakers. l can assist with shipping as my company moves freight between Oz and NZ regularly. Its not as hard or as expensive as you might expect. ie. l originally brought the cabinets in from the USA for A$2200 including collection from the seller and crating.


To replicate this system from scratch would cost in the region A$40,000.00. The last set of original TAD Model 2401’s l have seen for sale was on eBay last year in France asking US$26,000. l am looking for less than half of that for this complete system. Due to the cost of TAD drivers, commercially made systems are next to non existent so this system is a rare opportunity to buy a complete system ready to ‘plug & play’


If you would like more information or photos please PM me with your contact details and l will get back to you.


For those interested in the drivers, cabinets or other individual components only, I will consider any offer you may wish to put to me, but I would much prefer to sell as one complete system.











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WOW! those are bloody amazing! Would really suit a nice Deco style house...

If I had the $$$ and the room I would be sorely tempted by those, after hearing Jason P's Fat Boys...

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Gidday Mondie,

How do the spkrs sound, compared with Mr P's Fat Boys?


(Noting that the FBs have ported Onken type bass cabs, whereas yours appear to be non-vented & with dble woofs?)



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Hi Owen,


My cabs too are ported to the rear. Its really impossible to make any meaningful comparison between the two other than to say mine sound great and do everything l heard in Jasons FB's. Massive presence from twin 15's :D




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