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Problem with a pair of Audio Physic Sparks

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I've picked up a pair of damaged (and repaired) Audio Physic Sparks. See this page for details:



One loudspeaker has had the mid/bass driver and the binding posts replaced. I have spent some time going through my music collection and love their energy and the soundstage they produce but have found that the damaged one (at least) is missing some details - eg a xylophone on one track is missing (but is there when I swap the channels over) and there is a lack of echo on another track. The replacement binding posts are loose and one (black) causes the music to cut in and out when wiggled.


Anyone want to offer a diagnosis and cure? And who should I take them to? I would dearly love to make them both sing as one again...

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Yes, sounds like poor or damaged connection at the post/s.


I'd have them replaced. Or both ch's, with matching posts.


If you are handy, try to get behind the rear plate to inspect & to tighten them. Soldering if necess.

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Yes they will be awesome! unscrew the binding post housing and hopefully the crossover will be attached on or behind for you to make close inspection. check the wire crimps/solders and the inductor/caps/resistor solder joints too. Lastly you could unscrew the drivers themselves and check the crimps/solders.


Best of luck, James.

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luckiestmanalive;92594 wrote:
now, if only I knew some German...


How's your Australian? (I can possibly translate as I've been here a while!)


AUSTRALIAN AGENT - Extended Audio Solutions


Mun-Wai Low

29 Pembroke Rd, Marsfield

2089 Sydney


phone +61-2 941 940 66


fax +61-2 986 981 19




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Thanks, guys. I had to borrow a special screwdriver to free the circular wooden insert that contains the terminals. Once I removed it it was easy to locate the broken circuit, so I soldered it back to the terminal, tightened the screw so it wouldn't come loose again, and screwed the cover back into the cabinet. That has restored things to how they should be but I might take photos and start another thread in the DIY section to see what else I might do, once I get me a set of fancy screwdrivers.

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