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Laptop jitter

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Saw the latest Stereophile today and somewhere near the back it had a couple of graphs re the jitter output from a Laptop (I think via USB?) - one when running under battery power, and one with the laptops mains power supply plugged in. Needless to say, the difference was night and day - graph wise that is. Under battery things looked Ok, but under mains it looked like an earthquake hit.


Are there any laptop owners out there* you can confirm/deny any audible difference when flipping between battery and wall power?


Would it follow that the mains power supply for my 'desktop' PC would be causing similar issues? Does this mean a battery powered laptop is the ultimate music server?


Interesting stuff.


* using the laptop as a music server and outputting via digital to a DAC etc.

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A laptop PSU would be fairly inferior to a high quality (note high quality, not some standard rubbish PSU found in an everyday computer) desktop PSU.


So upgrading your PSU in your desktop PC would probably help...

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