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BO - The Big One

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I don't know how many of you are into Bang and Olufsen, but here goes.

I've got a perfect condition 7000 system here that is in perfect working order and needs a home. Thought I'd try it out here before going to eBay:


Beomaster 7000 Amplifier

Beogram CD 7000 CDP

Beocord 7000 Tape deck

Beogram 7000 record player (New stylus. Apparantly the cartridge is $800 to replace on it's own!)

Beolink 5000 Remote - the butt of which got a little munted. it still looks good, but the end needs to be held togeter with tape as the screw mount came out. could be fixed with glue, but I've not got around to it.

Also have the RL160 speakers and stands.

Comes with all manuals.


Info located here: http://www.beoworld.org/prod_details.asp?pid=688

Also found a youtube video here:


I do really like it, but since it's my desk system at work, it's a little overkill.


Not too sure what it's worth all up, but I know the CD players alone get about $700US, as do the TT's.


Let me know what you think.

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