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Auditioning new Floorstanding Speakers - any hints for a shortlist?

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I have never found the Ushers to be an engaging listen. Great looking speakers and well built though.


The latest generation of Paradigm Studio series speakers would be well worth listening to as they sound much superior to previous versions and would be very well suited to Plinius or perreaux.


Image Rev or ProAc Studio 140 would be high on my list. Maybe something from the Dyn Audience range as they are old models now so you should be able to get a good deal.

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triguy;91598 wrote:


Image Rev or ProAc Studio 140 would be high on my list. Maybe something from the Dyn Audience range as they are old models now so you should be able to get a good deal.


In my experience, the ProAc's wont be gutsy enough - this being a stated requirement.


The only speakers I have ever contributed to blowing were a pair of Studio 140, with toasted woofer voice coils AND the crossover driving them on a 200wpc Rotel in a largish room ( 10 meters by 7 meters ). They were not being driven into significant levels of dynamic compression, and the tweeters survived, so the amp was not apparently being over driven. I also found them to not be that engaging for rock or dance, and to not have the bass response claimed. I much prefer Image 414's to the Studio140 price being taken into account. The Image Illusions are more than a match for them, in my honest opinion. Interestingly the person who has the Studio 140's which were not up to the task replaced them initially with some Paradigm Studio 80's but didnt find the sound to be satisfactory. and then after several other sets of speakers had passed through his house, he settled on Image Revs. His budget was limited at $6K. He is planning on supplementing the Revs with a Velodyne DD12 in the future.




Please take into account that I am not a fan of ProAc speakers in general, I find them to be over priced, over hyped, and under performing considering the elevated expectations people have lead me to have. B&W's upper ranges also fit this category, in my opinion.

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These have been on and off TM for a little while now




Don't know what their efficiency is like so your 50 watter may struggle to control those 3 8" drivers but I'm sure the future Perreaux purchase will get a grip on them.


Helluva lot of speaker if you pick them up for the opening bid - just our of your budget perhaps but I'm sure they'd deliver the goods on what the type of music you like (and the SPL's you want to listen to, on occasion).

Only downside maybe a little dowby on looks, but conservative enough for them to blend in a large room. Not exactly elegant Italian beauties, but I can't imagine you'd be that entirely happy with anything less than the Cremona M's in your sized room for your tastes. They're way over your budget but the cost new is not far off the cost of the T8's when new.

Maybe Tristar could comment here?

Good luck with your decision - it's a hard thing getting big-speaker performance AND looks for $5k (which is still a lot of money, so choose wisely).

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Hi i think that the theophany speakers would be well worth a listen they look great and new zealand made. A good mate has got into them in a big way and they sound fantastic http://www.theophanyloudspeakers.com/m5.php?t=m or try the VAF I66


I have the I66 and love them and so do most that hear them we are getting together quite a Vaf community up here :) one thing to think about is that both theophany and Vaf sell factory direct thus cutting out the middle man IMO you are getting a speaker of much higher quility for the same money as in a retail shop.The thing with Vaf is they have had the same high end modles for the last 15 odd years makes me think they cracked it back then ? If you like tight deep deep base cant go wrong :-)

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