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Sourcing tweeters...


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Hi all,


Anyone have any ideas of where to source Focal TC120TD5 and TC90TD5 tweeters from? ( or repair kits for said tweeters, as I have sourced some buggered ones )


I have found that Zayltron and Speakercity both have them, but the exchange rate and the shipping are not the most friendly options. So, if anyone has some, or knows of where I can get them semi locally ( or at least with cheap shipping ) but from a reputable dealer so I know their genuine, please let me know.


I am about to embark on making a fully active transmission line center channel to match my mains, and also upgrade the surrounds to the same tweeter type ( the TC90 and TC120 are actually pretty different beasts construction wise, but have a very, very similar sound to my ears.


I would love to go to all Beryllium tweeters, however, my budget is not going to extend to that.

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Thankyou both. I have contacted both ( BTW, speakerbits is not a .com.au, even though its a Melbourne based company, its just a .com )


Will see what happens. I am a little concerned about the price from audiomarketing, as their responsible for a near doubling of the price for JM Lab in NZ!

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