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Warner kill...or is that keep Hd-DVD going?

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China = $$$






They did note however, that DVD production lines can be refitted to manufacture CBHD for $800,000 USD, much cheaper than the estimated $3 million USD price tag it costs to set up BD production lines.




The sources also noted that royalty fees to produce CBHD players is almost half that of BD licensing rates, about $8 USD.


I guess the Chinese market will soon over-take the USA, that would be Warners hope anyway.



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Does seem strange as Bluray has been avalible in China for some time now, and I'm guessing Warner are selling their Bluray movies in China too. So their whole argument for dropping HD-DVD to have one format seems strange. Got to be for Money only I would think? Except these discs are cheaper than Bluray version.

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