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There are several HD download services (with associated hardware) in the states - Vudu being one of them. What's really interesting (and nice) is the BD players coming out with Netflix streaming built in, so you can play physical media as well as 'rent' movies (via streaming).


Regardless of our broadband speeds, by the time they've sorted out the licensing issues for downloading HD movies legally in NZ the world would have moved onto holographic TVs or direct to brain transmissions. :rolleyes:

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It hasn't been discussed much, but what about the itunes movie downloads?


I've tried a coulple and found the quality to be generally very good, though this is through a relatively new GPU (4850)with DVI-HDMI adaptor.


This compared to my Oppo 981 DVD into Panny PV7 (720p) panel.


I'd do it more often except that anologue audio is crap from the PC and I've not got an HDMI equipped reciever. (and of course HDMI to TV is convenient only).

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Ah - if you had downloaded an HD one (not having an AppleTV) that would have meant....you could download HD ones without an AppleTV! :D


I keep meaning to try....


[edit] Oh - just found this in the terms of service:




(aa) Movies are viewable only on your Mac or Windows computer (using iTunes 7.6 or later), iPhone, video-enabled iPod (iPod touch, iPod nano (3rd generation), or iPod classic), or on TVs using your Apple TV.
Movies in high definition resolution (HD) are viewable only on TVs using your Apple TV and must be downloaded directly to your Apple TV
. Movies are viewable only on one device at a time.



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