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Really dirty 78s

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A colleague needs some help.


He has a number of 78s that were privately cut of a relative, singing. Many of these 1940s discs have acquired a white deposit (fungus?) that is very bad on some discs. Normal washing up liquid and gentle rubbing has done little to fix the problem.


Remembering that these discs are acetate do I recommend "Logan's Famous Fix for Dirty Vinyl"? Or something else?


The other question relates to the stylus. As I recall 78s required a wider profiled stylus than microgroove vinyl. Can someone confirm this and how one addresses the issue with a modern cartridge?


My colleague has bought a VEHO turntable which has USB output for transferring the music to a harddrive. While this comes with software to "clean up" the clicks and pops, the discs in question are too drty fro this to be an option.

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Lifted offf another forum from a guy I trust...




78 cleaning tips




I have been collecting 78's for many years now and have tried everything to clean them with ,varying results have occured but generally i use a thrashed 78 to see what the best results will be.




As we all know if you collect and play earlier 78's in this country generally steel needles were still in service right up until quite late.




Really not a good idea on later 78's due to different groove width and hard plastic rather than Shellac.




Now the very best method believe it or not involves a tap, a nail brush soft,Washing up liquid and a hand towel.




Generally how i have gone about this for many years now is i pour a small amount of liquid onto the playable surface of the 78,put some water on the nail brush and gently scrub around the surface missing the label.




Also at this point i would like to say be gentle as you all know 78's are brittle and putting lateral stresses will crack the record,however this method will also tell you if the record has a fault.




After you have scrubbed both sides turn on the tap with gentle flow and sluice the washing liquid from the grooves while gently scrubbing.This will literally remove pretty much all the debris from the grooves of the record.Be careful not to sluice the label.




The record can now be wrapped in either a bathroom towel or hand towel and gently(YES GENTLY) dry both sides at the same time.




When the record is dry give it a go and play it you will immediately notice better quality sound(less muffled) and also less crackle.






Ok i now get to Laminated copies.Before you wash a laminated Record (these are the records with a centre to them; ie cardboard or some other medium) inspect it for rim chips .If the rim is chipped don't attempt to wash it as if the chip is deep enough you will get a very floppy disc. However if the record is thrashed enough that you don't mind losing it then it's worth a go and you may just save it if you are quick.




I have used this method for many years now and i'm very adept at it and have saved some records i thought were beyond saving.Generally American records are far Superior apart from the old Deccas they are a bit cheap and Nasty. However the Okeh, Victors, Bluebirds and Brunswicks are really really nice as well as some of the Vocalions.If you get one of these you think is thrashed think again because with a good proper clean some of them play like new even though they look Knackered...





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